"... all things begin with one."

On January 15, 1956, Shimabuku Tatsuo (島袋龍夫) held a meeting and announced that he was naming his new style of karate Isshin-ryu. Master Shimabuku's number one student, Eiko Kaneshi, was at the meeting and he asked Shimabuku, "why such a funny name?" Tatsuo replied, "Because all things begin with one." *

This concept also applies to the student of karate.  Everyone who enters karate thinks that when he/she reaches the coveted Black Belt (Shodan or 1st Degree Black Belt) that they have "made it," that they are masters.  This is never true.  In the Orient, the Shodan is the first level of serious student, thus "everything begins with one" applies to the Shodan as well.  He/she must now study hard to be a worthy student.


*(From Wikepedia as described by Advincula Sensei)